What is Coronavirus

The known coronavirus belongs to the family of viruses that can generate diseases like the common cold, having the very severe acute respiratory syndrome, its acronym is SARS and on the other hand the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS its acronym in English.

In the year 2019, this affection caused an outbreak of diseases in China, this disease is called coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19.

China reported about 27 cases of pneumonia of unknown origin on December 31, 2019, and the main cause was identified on January 7 as a coronavirus.

This virus has affected more than 2,800 people in China and the number of infected people is already over 78,000, according to the National Health Commission of the Asian country, the vast majority of cases have been reported in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, which is the focus of the infection.

Other large cities such as Shanghai, Tanjin, Guangdong and Beijing have decreed a total health emergency, this being the largest state of emergency recorded in recent times.

To the extent that the World Health Organization has communicated with the various governments and preparing the population to be alert by various possible means for what is expected as a potential large-scale pandemic.

In South Korea, which is the second largest country in China, 12 deaths have already been recorded among the 1,000 people infected.

In Italy, the number of deaths caused by this virus is around 17, and the number of people infected so far is 655, most of them when the disease seemed to be in decline.

This has been the possibilities that have obtained great measures of containment on this disease with more ambition, agile and with a great aggressive history, the Canadian epidemiologist Bruce Aylwar has used determined with the word ”pandemic” now this can not be adjusted to the facts, but this can cause different fears among the population.

It should focus on primary containment while doing everything possible to obtain and prepare for the potential of the pandemic, have had a press conference that is called Tedros Adhonm Ghebreyesus, this is the director general of the institution that specializes in political management that seeks to prevent and intervene in global health.

This was baptized as the ”Wuhan virus” and better known as the ”Coronavirus of China” referring to the main place where it began and where the vast majority of cases of coronavirus has been recorded.

This case was made through studies have had great suspicion is the bat as it has pointed to this, are several cases that have had the same signs having a great impact on society and the world.