‘Ventilation spread virus in nursing home’ – Rise in ICUs expected

The number of ICUs will continue to rise in the coming weeks, the National Acute Care Network expects.

Curacao closes border with Aruba after increase in infections
In Rotterdam thirty demonstrators were fined for not wearing a mouth cap.

Figures about the development of the virus can be found on this site of the central government and information about measures in various countries can be found at the ANWB.

U.S. orders 100 million vaccines with a ‘Leids’ touch

The United States ordered 100 million doses of a possible vaccine against the coronavirus from the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. For the transaction, the country is paying more than $1 billion (over €840 million), reports the manufacturer.

The company will not supply the vaccines until the vaccine is finally approved in the US for protection against corona. The U.S. government also has an option to purchase a further 200 million doses of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. “We appreciate the trust of the U.S. government,” the pharmacist says.

Part of the testing phase of the vaccine is being carried out by Janssen Vaccines, based in Leiden. This started at the end of July with the testing of a potential vaccine on humans.

Ventilation system spread virus in nursing home

In a corona outbreak in a nursing home in Maassluis, the modern ventilation system probably played a role. This is stated in a confidential RIVM report written by de Volkskrant and EenVandaag. This is the first time that air circulation has been seen so emphatically as a spreader of the virus.

At the end of June, 17 of the 21 residents of De Tweemaster nursing home became infected with the coronavirus. Six of them died as a result. At that time there was a strict visiting policy and the staff wore surgical mouth caps. The Rotterdam Municipal Health Service then examined the ventilation system and discovered particles of the coronavirus in it.

The RIVM has now revised the guideline for ventilation, reports de Volkskrant. “As a precaution, it is advised to avoid recirculation within one room where several people are together for a longer period of time as much as possible and to change the air sufficiently”, writes the institute.

Thirty anti-mouthguard demonstrators fined

The Rotterdam police fined thirty demonstrators for repeatedly ignoring the local mouthguard obligation. Some sixty people demonstrated this afternoon against the compulsory wearing of a mouth cap in busy places in Rotterdam.

The police repeatedly asked the group to wear a mouth mask, but half of the group did not comply. They were fined for that. According to the police the demonstration nevertheless went quietly.