Those at risk from the coronavirus

This new virus that is being known and that increasingly plagues numerous people around the world, is giving a lot to talk about since many people are very worried, uninformed about it, and confused as the media do not stop giving conversations and talks about the coronavirus, a totally new and contagious virus, which the latter has in alerts people as more and more people do not know the risk rate approaching Covid-19 virus.

Which countries are likely to have this virus?

This question is often evident, but the answer is obvious and is that the coronavirus is capable of affecting any country in the world, whether Cameroon, Peru, France, Australia or North Korea, this happens through the transmission and growth of covid-19 virus, because although many decisions are made so that this disease does not have a higher rate of infection, which helps a lot to prevent, but not to neutralize or safely.

Unfortunately, more and more countries are infected day after day, so much so that the nations that are most likely to suffer the spread of covid-19 virus are those in Asia. Today, more than half of these countries are suffering from cases; as it has been said many times, the coronavirus is able to be transmitted quickly, either by contact or approach to an affected person.

Who is at risk with the coronavirus?

Certainly said by many scientists, doctors and specialists in the field have stated that the virus covid-19 is risky for all human beings, which is true because the coronavirus is capable of affecting both an average teenager and an adult of 35 years, and if we realize the age difference is significant but this does not mean that the disease has greater manifestation in some people than others, which can happen.

In the last few days we have witnessed, we have noticed the great concern of many people, either by what they hear, have seen or by the fear of a possible death, and especially by the possible risk we have of having this disease in our body, so we will show you below which are the people who are most at risk of catching or suffering from the coronavirus.

Children are more likely to be affected by this disease, either because their immune system is not strong or because they do not follow the rules of prevention.

People who are adult, older or simply have reached the age of 3 are generally those who may suffer from being infected by covid-19 virus and who have a low immune system.

This is a fact, and is that unfortunately those people who have or suffer from a weak immune system are the most affected, obviously apart from not following the rules of prevention, so the number of people who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, overweight, heart failure, kidney and respiratory are those who are more likely to be infected.