Potential for a coronavirus pandemic

From the director of the world health organization after an interview, I assure that this outbreak produced by the coronavirus in China and diverse parts of the world, still cannot be called a pandemic, although it has the characteristics and the potential of being one.

In order for us to be able to use the word “pandemic”, we need to bear in mind that the epidemic must be high-risk globally. Also taking into account that its way of spreading must be totally unstoppable.

It is necessary to bear in mind that it must also bring about a considerable number of deaths worldwide. This must be taken into account when this virus affects most countries in the world.

This director also stressed that the repeated increases in the various cases found in Italy, Iran and South Korea have been of great concern to the WHO, and it is understandable that there is speculation about whether it should be declared a pandemic.

On the other hand, the official recalled that it was declared by the WHO, as a public health emergency, this has generated a great concern to all governments of the world, having on the part of the highest level of alarm.

At present, 77,362 people have been registered in China, and with a death toll of 2618 from this virus, new cases are being registered every hour that passes, and more than 2074 cases have been reported outside the country.

Is the coronavirus here to stay?

Many people have the doubt if this virus is here to stay and there have been several unknowns that have not been answered, for its part to talk about it the emergency coordinator of the world health organization said that at this time there are several scenarios about it.

His words were the following, (We do not know what will happen in two or six months, there are still various possibilities of being able to control the virus and be able to interrupt its transmission, but we must be prepared because the virus could become endemic or stationary, it could have an acceleration process and that is where it could become a large pandemic).

On Monday the great joint mission of the WHO was carried out and several Chinese experts went to investigate on a large scale the Chinese country and several provinces even where it started in Wuhan, counting on the best experts to have a quality work and to obtain good results on this virus.

After several investigations, the Chinese team, during a press conference, was able to assure that this virus, better known as the coronavirus, was able to reach the maximum level in China on a large scale, but it was able to stabilize between January 23 and February 2, and after several measures taken, the cases have been reduced little by little, in order to control and innovate to eliminate or stabilize this virus.