How to prevent coronavirus

Since the confirmation of this virus, through the various cases in mainland China, already reaching a number of 2,600 deaths, and many cases in various countries have been confirmed by the authorities.

Is now trying to stop the spread of this virus, this has restricted travel to millions of people at various airports, applying to each patient who presents these symptoms to strict quarantine.

At the moment there is no vaccine to obtain the protection or prevention of this virus, several vaccines are being designed and are still in the process of testing.

On the other hand the National Institute of Health of the United States is working on a vaccine for the prevention of this virus, but it will take a couple of months so that the various clinical trials can begin approximately more than a year to be available.

The fundamental base of this is to have the greater possible conscience and prevention, if you are in ill you can have reason to believe that it can become the new virus.

This is due to the fast trip that it has made to pass from region to region, or the contact with somebody who has been in the same place where it can transit, reason why it is important to be informed of the subject and to go immediately to medical attention, in search of a treatment on time.

Take your precautions, cover your mouth and nose when you want to sneeze, take an anti-bacterial with you so you can disinfect all objects and surfaces that touch your hands.

If you travel to China, you should be aware of the symptoms of this disease and avoid animal markets as much as possible, since that is where the last of the recent cases occurred.

The main preventions that can be known require a safety regime by the various ministries of health, it is recommended to be cautious, take the greatest care and hygiene daily:

*Avoid contact with people who present themselves as ill

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • *Clean and disinfect objects and all surfaces that are frequently touched by you
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • *Follow CDC recommendations on immediate use of masks
  • *Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw it in the trash
  • *Wash your hands often with soap and water every now and then for about 20 seconds, before and after leaving the bathroom, before eating, and especially after sneezing or touching your face and nose
  • *Maintain as little contact as possible with public telephones, handrails, clean and disinfect the seat of the car, bus and plane, do not have contact with strangers
  • *Always keep on hand, disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial, reusable tissues, mouth caps, use gloves if necessary
  • *Be careful when buying any food on the street
  • *Disinfect any item obtained in supermarkets as that is the main place where products have contact with all kinds of people