How the coronavirus affects the economy

This new virus (covid-19) that is hitting the news, either on television or through social networks, which is reaching the ears of all people to exist.

Either by the concern that can give to express various people, which can occur by a poor delivery of information or exaggerated facts, since yes, it is obviously true that there are numerous cases of people affected by the coronavirus which is causing a major financial problem in several countries.

Is there a financial crisis because of covid-19?

Although many people make known their confusion and terror by the coronavirus, the truth is that we must take into account many other problems.

Such as the economic part put when talking about a disease or virus like covid-19 we have the idea about their symptoms, prevention and infection but to avoid or try to end this type of pathology many countries are struggling, and use much money to end this virus that has caused many deaths.

And yes, the answer is yes, since many countries or nations have made known that they have been fighting or beginning to have a deficiency in the financial part, either by the various costs that governments must cover to care for their citizens of possible infection, or cases of affected obviously need help to survive the virus that is within their bodies, so there is a possible financial crisis in several countries globally, all caused by the coronavirus.

How does the coronavirus affect the economy?

The reality that some nations are affected economically by the casualties or causes that can give the coronavirus is obvious or clear, since over time governments begin to notice the decline of industrial covid-19.

Commercial and even tourism which would be a blow from the financial, since these issues are the most central to the entry of money in different countries of the world, being a vital support for the commercial mobilization of the currency of that nation.

But the truth is that the countries that have most noticed their unfavorable financial situation are the United States; on the part of Europe it would be France and Spain and above all, where we can notice the greatest seriousness is the Asian continent.

Exactly in China, the place where the virus originated, this case occurs because different meetings have been cancelled for the purpose of deals; besides, since there is not so much travel, there is less production of consumption, employment or activity.

We must also point out the lack of demand and interruption on the part of industries and tourist routes; in addition, other nations of world power have decided to leave in a null way the possible businesses and trips to China and Japan due to the possible contagion of the covid-19 virus.

A great example of this commercial stoppage in Asian countries is in South Korea where the great company Hyundai, specialized in the creation of cars, announced that it had stopped manufacturing due to a lack of components.