False news about the coronavirus

The news of this virus COVID-19, has spread to the whole world, as well as accurate and validated information as other false information of it. Next we will tell you in this article about the false news about the coronavirus.

False rumors about certain cures for COVID-19 to the way it spreads in humans.

6 False news about the coronavirus

These rumors were ruled out thanks to the WHO (World Health Organization) who have been in charge of giving us information validated by doctors and scientists who are studying the coronavirus.

  1. COVID-19 can be transmitted through mosquito or mosquito bites.

This news is false, since COVID-19 is not a disease that can be transmitted in this way. So far, there is no information that it can be.
The virus is spread from people who are infected with coronavirus to others, as follows: By sneezing or coughing near people who are already infected.
It is recommended not to approach people who have flu-like symptoms, but to keep your distance.

  1. The coronavirus can be transmitted by common objects such as money.
    COVID-19 is a virus that has been scientifically proven not to survive on objects after a few hours. The likelihood of becoming infected in this way is very low and rare.
    The only chance you have of becoming infected with COVID-19 is if someone who is already infected coughs or sneezes on the object or money.
    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching objects that come in off the street just to be safe.
  2. Cold weather can keep you from getting a coronavirus because it can kill it.
    False. It cannot kill the COVID-19, because the cold cannot kill any virus or disease. The best thing you can do to avoid getting a coronavirus is to wash your hands and face with soap and water every time you come in from the street and touch things that have come in from outside, just to prevent it, since the virus does not survive on objects after a few hours.
  3. Children’s urine can protect you and serve as a disinfectant against the coronavirus.
    False. Children’s urine can’t help you fight the coronavirus. This can be a dangerous decision because urine carries bacteria. You can’t disinfect or clean your hands or household surfaces with urine – it’s bad for your health.
    It is recommended that you wash surfaces with bleach and hands with alcohol-based gel for daily disinfection.
  4. Cocaine can make you strong against the coronavirus.
    False. Cocaine is a drug that does not create antibodies or help prevent or protect you from the coronavirus. It can be harmful to the health of anyone.
  5. Coronaviruses spread through the air over long distances.
    The coronavirus does not travel through the air to see who it infects. COVID-19 infects others when an already infected person coughs or sneezes near others who are not infected. It is spread by nose droplets or saliva from the person with the virus.