Coronavirus Vaccine

When a new disease becomes known we all think of a possible pandemic scenario; risks of contagion, symptoms and above all the vaccine, that cure that can be of total help against all diseases that in this case would be the covid-19 virus or the coronavirus; today it is necessary a vaccine either so that everyone can use it to recover their health and well-being or in the worst case to help reduce the symptoms that affect the body.

Is there a vaccine to fight the coronavirus?

When we heard about the coronavirus, we certainly asked ourselves if there is a vaccine for the covid-19 virus; since more and more people are affected, so much so that today it is still a worldwide contagion; that is why a cure is needed for a disease that is so easy to spread. But unfortunately there is no official vaccine that can reduce the symptoms of this virus or at most achieve a total cure of this disease.

That is to say, a vaccine for this virus has not been found yet; but the truth is that more and more countries are proposing to find a definite cure for the coronavirus, since the deaths it is leaving worldwide are worrying everyone; that is why it has been confirmed from scientific and reliable sources that they are looking for the antidote, they are working around 20 vaccines in the world which is what has been reported during the last weeks.

How to cure the coronavirus when there are no vaccines?

It is no secret that all of us want a vaccine or cure for covid-19; but this is not yet possible even though many ways are being sought to find one as soon as possible. But the truth is that without a direct or fully effective treatment for coronavirus, people do not know what to do if they have the disease. Although it has been revealed that there are other ways to treat this virus, that is why we will show you.

Drugs against AIDS: Knowing that there is no antidote to combat covid-19; the nation or country Spain has decided to treat their affected with drugs against AIDS as is the lopinavir / ritonavir, which helps the infection and symptoms slow down their arrival in the cells of our body, this treatment is supported by the Hospital Virgen del Rocio in Seville.

REMEDIES: There has been talk of various treatments or cures for the coronavirus for that reason, according to Gilead Sciences will be given to medicate about 1,000 people affected by the virus, especially in more serious places such as Asian countries, this event will take place on Wednesday March 4.

Chloroquine phosphate: Several studies and medical professionals have determined that using chloroquine phosphate; is very favorable for treating the symptoms and infection of this disease; especially very beneficial for respiratory deficiency or pneumonia that can cause the virus.